POGO91 POS For Coffee Shops

A billing software for retail shop, POGO91 POS software that helps you grow your business! Keep up with the competition by tracking your sales. Maintain the required inventory by keeping a track of your stock, from coffee beans to side orders, increase footfall by engaging with customers. 

A Lot Can Be Done Through POGO91 POS:

Easy to Install & Quick to Start:
POGO91 is billing software in india, that is a clutter-free and easy to use point of sale that can simply run on your mobile phone.

All you have to do is:

  • Download POGO91 from the Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Register with your mobile number. No email id is required.
  • Select your business type and you are ready to go.

Smart Billing:
Save your time with our artificially intelligent POS that helps you generate GST compliant invoices that can be sent to the customers directly through Email, Whatsapp & SMS. Which means you don’t have to invest money in hardware and paper. It’s simple and eco-friendly.

Manage Inventory:
You always want to know if the ingredients are sufficient or running low, no matter how small the menu is, POGO91 POS allows you to track your product and gives you notifications if an when there’s a shortage or expiry deadline.

Know Your Business Performance:
With real-time report feature, you can easily track your sales & revenue. Easily track your growth via your Android phone from anywhere.

Every Customer Counts:
With POGO91 point of sale, keep a track of your customers visits. The app is intelligent enough to tell you that how many customers haven’t visited your restaurants in the past 30 days or more.

Promote Your Business:
Added new flavor of coffee or a new variety of Cheesecake and want to share it with your customers? POGO91 POS allows you to push promotional SMS and email to your existing customers. So now promote your business to your customers because nothing beats personal communication!

Know What’s Working:
Get an update on the products that are selling & the ones that are not selling. How is it helpful? You know where to save money and where to invest.

Not yet convinced? Try the Best POS Software in India for yourself. POGO91 POS is your best bet, affordable and effective. Download For Free Now!

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