Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is POGO91?

POGO91 is a new age point of sale software (POS Software) that allows any kind of retailer to manage their business more efficiently.

How can I download and use POGO91 - POS?

POGO91 - Point of Sale (POS) or a mobile POS that currently works on any Android smart phone. You can get access to the early BETA of the product from the Android Play Store. The Desktop and Tablet version will be available very soon.

What kind of retail business POGO91 - POS is designed for?

This is designed for any kind of retail business i.e. Salons, Departmental or Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Mobile Stores, Electronics Store, Cake and Bakery Shops, Fruits and Vegetable Stores, Medial Shops, Apparel Stores, Furniture Stores, Sports Centres, Dry Cleaners, Optical Stores, Sweet Shops and many more.

What all features are there in POGO91?

New age Inventory Management System: It recommends what kind of product the retailer should be and what not. Increases sales by helping them to move out what is not selling. Smart Customer Communication Engine: POGO91 - POS Software provides a capability to personalised the communication to the customers. Recommends retailer on what and when to send the communication at no extra cost. GST Complaint Invoices: It is also a mobile-based billing software that helps shop owners to send GST Complaint Invoices to their customers on Email, SMS, and WhatsApp Products Management: It allows you to manage all your products and services at one place with an easy of a click. You can also choose from a wide range of product list that you don’t have to add manually. Easy Billing: With POGO91 you don’t need any billing machine, the simplified billing at POGO91 allow you to bill using a barcode, product list or by just searching the product name.

What is the cost of using POGO91 - POS?

Currently, POGO91 is in BETA Phase and it completely free. There will be nominal charges as soon as we launch the full product.

What is new about POGO91 (POS Software)?

It is a new age point of sale software that is designed & developed to cater to the changing need of retailers. Retailers are losing the battle against eCommerce player and POGO91 is designed to help retailer compete efficiently with eCommerce Players.

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