POGO91 POS For Medical Stores

Manage your store and medications without involving huge effort with POGO91 Medical store billing software.

Ease of Access:
Clutter-free and easy to use point of sale that can simply run on your mobile phone.

All you have to do is:

  • Download POGO91 from the Google Play Store on your android phone.
  • Register with your mobile number. No email id is required.
  • Select your business type and you are ready to go.

Manage Your Customers:
Send your regular customers health checkup tips, or reminder in case their medication is getting over. With POGO91 Medical store billing software, get a detailed analysis of what has been purchased from your store and in what quantity.

Get Good Received Notes (GRN):
You don’t have to document everything on the file or paper and keep pinning it down. With POGO91 Medical store billing software, easily keep a track of products going out of shelf or the ones that are getting expired.

Prepare Purchase Order:
With our artificially intelligent Medical store billing software you know which medicine or product is selling, and which one is going out of stock, the app sends an automatic notification to you. Thus, automates your purchase order.

Stock Right:
Track your products in the POGO91 Medical store billing software and get auto updates on the product expiry.

Increase Sale:
Manage all your tasks, from billing to final sale. With POGO91 POS medical store billing software you get the access to daily sales report of your store, we not only help you to manage your business but also help you grow.

Upsell & Promote Your Business:
Suggest different products to your customers, like baby product, Ayurvedic product and many more. Or, want to create a new offer for your customers and want to share it with them? Now share your offers with your customers by sending them promotional Email & SMS because nothing beats personal communication!

Not yet convinced? Try the Best POS Software in India for yourself. POGO91 POS is your best bet, affordable and effective. Download For Free Now!

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